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New York State Parks: Allegany State Park

Allegany State Park, pictured here, is one of my favorite parks in New York.  Allegany is the largest park in the state, if you exclude the Adirondack State Park.  It's actually separated into two regions - Red House Area and Quaker Lake. The Red House Area is home to the main administration building, which features a museum and shops.  It's also home to a congregating room with views of the park and  the lake from large bay windows. Hike one of dozens of miles of trails or bike on over 5 miles of paved bike paths.  The Red House area is also home toThunder Rocks, a "rock city" of outcrops that you can climb and explore. Hikers can check out  the Old Stone Tower, which gives you a chance to see virtually the entire region from its top.

The Quaker Lake Area is actually home to part of Alleghany Reservoir, Quaker Lake and Quaker Run Creek.  Aquatic adventures in the Quaker Lake area include boating, fishing, and swimming at Quaker Beach.  Some of the best camping in the region is also found here, with dozens of cabins, cottages and sites along the creek and dotted throughout the area.     

Check out my photos of Allegany State Park and the nearby Alleghany Reservoir and National Forest.  Also, see the rest of my photos from around state and national parks.

Allegany, Allegheny or Alleghany?

No - it's not a spelling error.  Alleghany regions and natural areas can be found in New York's Southern Tier, Pennsylvania, Maryland and West Virginia. All of the various names for the region borrow  from the Allegheny River, stretching over 300 miles The spelling differences are understood to stem from the French versus English spelling.  So even though Allegany State Park and Allegheny National Forest border each other, they are spelled differently, and the spelling differences are intentional. 

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